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Best player in the world 2018


       BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD 2018                                                                                 

Who is the greatest Player of all time?



A controversial question that mostly ends up with no clued answer, well it’s no surprise many great and talented footballers have put their best effort to be named as one. But in this article will reveal the answer.

With over 3 Billion estimated fans worldwide soccer is one sport that really brings people together, the emotions, the style and the magical skills displayed on pitch. So choosing just one player from hundreds of men all trying to leave a mark and legacy in the minds of all those fans standing out as the best footballer who ever played.

Impressive names from all the world have made great moments for football over the years, the like of Pele(one of the greatest), Diego Maradona, Ronaldinho, Zinadine Zidane, Alfredo Di Stefano, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Gianluigi Buffon,  Neymar, Sergio Ramos, Kylian Mbappe  and so many more.

Here are  the Top Five best players in 2018, based on: Apps, Assists, Goals, Trophies, Longevity and most important performance under pressure.


Winner of the Ballon d’Or 2018, is a talented midfielder for Spanish giants Real Madrid and also captain to his Croatian national team.

Ballon d'Or winner 2018
Luka Modric

From tactical strategy to his playmaking ability no doubt Modric is one of the greatest midfielder of all time and best right now and has won several la liga’s “Best midfielder” and six times Croatian Footballer of the year.


De Bruyne is professional Belgiun attacking midfielder who’s accuracy and precision determines him, his unique style and composure with the ball has made him assists many goals for his team Manchester city national team Belgium and other prior clubs he has been to. From his debut in Belgium club Genk, Chelsea and Wolfsburg where he was named footballer of the year in Germany then Manchester City lured him back to the Premier League for a club record fee of £55 million and  Kevin has been consistent with his play making and scoring ability.


Sergio is an Argentine and Manchester City striker that  I would say has very few weaknesses apart from frequent injuries Aguero is excellent with quick play(Tiki Taka) and scoring.

The player has made a name for himself by assisting every club he plays for  win titles with his superb accuracy, UEFA Europa and Super Cup in Atletico Madrid and the English Premier League with his late goal against QPR back in 2012.


Ronaldo has been termed by many as the best not just his great and aggressive physic but Ronaldo has won many recognized title in football with his fantastic styles and finishing skills. The Portuguese Captain is a remarkable athlete who has won the Ballon d’Or and one of highest-paid athletes.

His transfer to Italian club  Juventus being the highest ever paid by any Italian club, from Real Madrid where he contributed to the club raising the champions league for three consecutive times.

Ronaldo is a great player ,would say in Portuguese history and has all it take to be the world greatest and the superstar he is.


Lionel Messi is not only the greatest player now but the best footballer of all time. The Argentine and Barcelona  star is the most versatile striker and can leave defenders transfixed, score magic goals and assists anywhere in the frontline.

Best player
Best player

Messi is a tactical creator with instinctive passing  and crazy dribbling skills as if the ball is glued to his feet. With over 30 trophies, 5 Ballon d’Ors, 240 assists and over 500 goals Messi is the (goat) Crème de la Crème in Football.




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