Nobody's fool 2018

Nobody's fool

nobody’s fool


Nobody's fool cast
Nobody’s fool cast

She Shows Up. Everything Blows Up !

This was just one of the funniest movie of 2018 “what do you expect with Haddish on board”. With an amazing cast that catches the eye in every film. The movie stars Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick, Whoopi Goldberg, Amber Riley.


Movie see’s Tanya a jailbird straight from prison where she did time for five years. She has no job and an ex-con, bad combo.

But her sister Danica who works in an Ads company and is doing well of herself takes her in and promises to help her get a job before she can get on her feet

Danica has a man(Charlie) that she dated online and they never met but she believed he had everything on her “list”. Tanya finds this ridiculous. Frank a coffee shop owner who has a crush on Danica but has nothing on her “list”, offers Tanya a job as he also is an ex-con too.

Tanya cares for her sister’s happiness so she investigates Charlie with help of some YouTuber’s. They realize Danica is being catfished and will never see the actual Charlie which breaks her heart.

Trying to find comfort, Danica makes out with Frank and falls for him and the two end up together. Tika is a great actress and always interesting to watch but Tiffany really killed it in this one.

With good music and cinematography, Nobody’s fool is a 4-star and will get a rating of 8/10 .

Tyler Perry the brain and work behind this great movie that will leave your ribs cracking make sure to check out more on Tyler Perry studios.




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